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Global Total Freight Service

Sunjin provides a multi-modal, total logistics service, from storage to delivery via air, ocean, and inland.
Global Total Freight Service

Air Freight Service

Priority of Sunjin’s air freight team is to deliver agile and accurate transportation service. Catering to specifics and needs of each freight and customer, Sunjin offers the most optimized and accurate air freight solution. It has demonstrated a world-class competence in the areas of electricity and electronics, automobile parts and materials, perishables, medical supplies, aerospace, and precision machinery. Also, Sunjin has organized air freight service teams and logistics centers in Korea’s major airports in Incheon, Gimhae, and Gimpo to facilitate more flexible and agile transportation service.
  • Special cargo handling and transporting environment control (temperature, tremors, separation) for perishables, medical supplies, semiconductors, animals and plants, and hazardous goods.
  • Special management and complete security of confidential articles such as military supplies.
  • Time-Critical projects such as transportation of precise machinery, plants, and equipment.
  • Chartered plane services for large-scale, time and quantity-intensive transportation.
  • Small-scale freight for B2C and C2C transaction including directly imported goods.
  • Labeling and re-packing through Sunjin’s bonded logistics center.
  • Bonded warehouse transaction services available via Sunjin’s bonded logistics center.
  • Consolidation services to key regions.
  • Transportation services for switch B / L transaction.
  • One-stop, combined transportation (air and sea / sea and air / air and air).
  • One-day delivery for time-sensitive freight.
  • On-time freight tracing.

Ocean Freight Service

Sunjin’s ocean freight service has earned a full trust from customers thanks to its competence in a range of fields: long-lead time project management; freight charge negotiation skills developed through partnerships with many shipping companies; and 42 years of experience in large-scale freight transportation. Sunjin’s particular strength lies in the areas of construction, heavy equipment, machinery, electricity and electronics, automobile parts and materials, and foods. Its ocean freight service teams offer on-site services at the ports of Busan, Incheon, and Gwangju (Gwangyang).
  • FCL, LCL, bulk cargo, and project cargo services.
  • On-site management and accurate planning for construction materials and heavy equipment transportation, plant relocation, and precise machinery transportation.
  • Special cargo handling and transporting environment control (temperature, tremors, separation) for perishables, medical supplies, semiconductors, animals and plants, and hazardous goods.
  • Special management and complete security of confidential articles such as military supplies.
  • Chartered vessel services for large-scale, quantity-intensive transportation.
  • Labeling and re-packing through Sunjin’s bonded logistics center.
  • Bonded warehouse transaction services available via Sunjin’s bonded logistics center.
  • Container rental, load and unload, CY, and storage services.
  • Consolidation services to key regions.
  • Transportation services for switch B/L transaction.
  • One-stop, combined transportation (sea and air / air and sea).
  • One-day delivery for time-sensitive freight.
  • On-time freight tracing.

Inland Freight Service

Through cooperation with its 242 global partners and network consisting of 27 inland transportation bases and logistics centers, Sunjin’s inland freight service utilizes its high-level warehousing and trucking management system to provide with solutions that best suit the customer’s needs in lead time and cost reduction.
  • One-stop, total inland transportation service from warehousing and releasing, stock management, to transportation and delivery.
  • Special cargo handling and transporting environment control (temperature, tremors, separation) for perishables, medical supplies, semiconductors, animals and plants, and hazardous goods.
  • Special management (such as convoy) of confidential articles such as military supplies.
  • Special cargo, special packing, processing for distribution (cargo check, inspection, packing and labeling service)
  • Shuttle service between bases (hub & spoke delivery service to stores)
  • Large-scale, quantity-intensive freight transportation.
  • Bonded transportation service.
  • Distribution services combined with bonded warehouse transaction.
  • One-stop quarantine.
  • Real-time online monitoring.
4PL, Warehousing & Distribution Service

4PL, Warehousing & Distribution Service


Sunjin’s warehousing and distribution business has been the main driving force of its growth and strength to lead the industry. Sunjin has accumulated abundant resources, including its self-developed warehousing and trucking management system, 19 logistics centers, 374 transportation vehicles, and 724 professional workforces, in addition to its broad case database and know-how. All of this helped to develop logistics evaluation and analysis tools for its own 4PL service. Sunjin’s 4PL service not only solves the client’s stock management problems but also suggests and executes the most optimized total supply system models. The service is provided for big convenience stores, supermarket franchises, and multi-national clothing companies. Sunjin strives to become SCM (Supply Chain Management) Company Sunjin.
warehousing & distribution services

Sunjin’s national distribution networkWith 27 global branches and 19 domestic logistics centers, Sunjin has established closely knitted logistics networks.


Advanced Solution Services

In addition to global total logistics capacity, Sunjin has gained a competitive edge through its unrivaled and highly specialized advanced solution services. The company has spearheaded Korea’s logistics industry as a leading player in the areas of perishables, medical supplies, military supplies, international exhibitions and events, vendor managed inventory (VMI), and bulk projects.

Perishables and Medical Supplies

「 Cold - Chain Specialized Service 」
The changes in perishables, foods, and medical supplies logistics markets are rapid, and they demand innovative cold chain logistics solutions. Based on its experience accumulated since 1986 by transporting perishables for the US forces in Korea, Sunjin has established exclusive teams and infrastructures, such as refrigerated containers and vehicles, and has nurtured the cold chain logistics service as its core business. Sunjin now offers a total cold chain logistics—import and export, transportation, quarantine, storage, and delivery—to international food distributors, domestic convenience stores, supermarket franchises, and major pharmacists and medical device manufacturers.
Consultation for import and export and quarantine of FTA-related perishables and medical supplies.
A total international transportation service (quarantine, storage, packing, delivery).
Exclusive containers and warehouses and assistance of exclusive teams.
GDP-based SOP for transportation.
Temperature monitoring through thermographs.
Assign new aquipment based on Collaboration with airports, ports, airlines, and shipping companies.

Military Supplies

As Korea’s number one service for special military cargo, Sunjin executes the most accurate and safe transportation process—from storage to transportation—with guaranteed security and quarantine system, catered to specifics of individual freight. Using its global military supplies network, Sunjin offers a full package, one—stop service that deals with imported goods from foreign defense businesses, exported goods by Korea’s major defense businesses, supplies for dispatched Korean troops and global UN, and perishables for the US forces in Korea.
Special management services such as convoy service for confidential articles.
Charter services using special vessels, aircrafts, and vehicles.
20 years of experience in special cargo transportation (weapons, explosives) that require particular attention in handling, loading, and transporting.
Real-time monitoring through military supplies tracking and information sharing systems.
Exclusive teams for military supplies and global cooperation network.

Vendor Managed Inventory

The key to success of strategies for global production bases lies in efficient stock management. Sunjin offers VMI (vendor managed inventory) service through BWT (bonded warehouse transaction) to a wide range of global clients. Sunjin’s VMI service allows its global clients to import products that will be managed as bonded products in its logistics centers, and depending on the end user’s order, they go to be delivered domestically or exported to a third country. Sunjin’s VMI logistics service is built on its expansive global network and capacities in international transportation, stock management, and delivery.
Expected benefits from VMI+BWT Service
Cost reduction followed by tariff and inland duty payment deferral.
Increased selling opportunities through immediate delivery to local and foreign customers in the region.
Logistics cost reduced as emergency shipment declines.
Reduced stock management cost (thanks to reduced stock, inventory asset re-evaluation).
Stabled production and reduced lead time for securing stock by maintaining optimal in-stock rate.

International Exhibitions and Events

Sunjin is a leader of transportation for top exhibitions and events such as CES, EXPO, the Olympics, and motor shows. Based on its know-how and abundant resources, including experienced specialists, special transportation vehicles, and logistics centers, Sunjin provides a one-stop, nail-to-nail service that controls the overall process to help the clients hold successful exhibitions. Every year, Sunjin serves as an official transportation company for more than 60 global exhibitions and events.
Air and sea transportation, storage for home and abroad, special packing and disassembly, special vehicle transportation, insurance, exhibition hall settings, exhibition documentation support.
Dispatches exclusive teams and workforces to support exhibitions and events.
Special vehicles (with tremor and temperature control).
Transportation of exhibiting articles and supplementary structure, plus:
Transportation of artworks and high-priced art pieces.
Transportation and storage of broadcasting equipment.
Transportation and storage of exhibiting articles, research materials, laboratory instruments of universities and labs.


The success of project logistics depends on thorough pre-analysis and planning, including road test, accurate lead time management, and flexible responses to construction delay. The most important part is supervising the whole process and teamwork. For over 30 years, Sunjin’s exclusive team has built know-how and techniques in transportation of structures, heavy equipment and apparatus, and precise production machinery for large-scale overseas construction. The team is capable of offering on-time, safe transportation service by managing each and every step from basic planning to the very end of the project.
Global cooperation network with loading and unloading, installation, and storage businesses.
Combined service of bulk, container, and air transportation catered to quantity and specifics of the goods.
Optimized transportation planning and quotations after preliminary site visit.
Long-term dispatch of workforces to project sites for logistics quality control.
O2O/P2P Service

O2O/P2P Service

The future of logistics is bright and hopeful. It is the core drive of the fourth industrial revolution and will be essential in providing convenient economic life that people have dreamed of. Sunjin has designed its own business model, paying a close attention to three big changes: integration of online channels and offline services; full automation driven by AI; and integration of distribution and logistics value chains. Aspirinng to become Korea’s number one business in B2B logistics area, Sunjin continues its journey toward a global leader in O2O and P2P logistics.